Don Gray Barn

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The Don Gray barn was the first building at the museum site and is still the main artifact display building. Built in 1942 it was used on the Philip Baron Family farm, which was located where the Stony Plain Golf Course is now. It was donated to the museum in 1989 by Mr. Don Gray and moved the 7km to the museum grounds. Due to the barn’s size it had to be moved north across the highway, then west to the 5th meridian, and finally south across the overpass and back into town. Over the next two years, the barn was cleaned, the interior walls were paneled and it was painted. The artifacts of the collection were displayed, and in 1992 it was ready to open to the public. In 1999, the exterior stairs were built and donated by Grant Gibson. The loft is used for artifact and general storage. The interior of the barn is currently being completely redone as a women’s exhibit.

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