The museum is a non-profit, charitable society governed by an 11 member volunteer board of directors. Nine of the directors are elected from the society’s membership and serve terms of three years, the other two directors are representatives from the Town of Stony Plain and the County of Parkland. Terms of service are staggered so that each year three people will have completed their time and are replaced or run again according to the by-laws. The museum has a full set of by-laws, as well as policies and procedures. As a public society, the financial books, meeting minutes and the operations are open for inspection to all members and stakeholders.

All financial and major decisions, as well as long term planning are decided by the board with recommendations from museum committees and administration. All operations are implemented by the administration. The museum administration consists of a full time manager, a full time administrative assistant and three part time staff members in the main season and usually one summer student.  © The Pioneer Museum